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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
In my opinion, outside of music Christianity is a vicious cycle of glorified ignorance whose negative consequences far outweigh it's positive impact.
Christianity does a lot of good in the world, and I only say this because I've taken part in things in the past and continue to take part in things that I couldn't otherwise take part in without Christian based organizations. Simply because there's no other accessible medium through which to do these things, unfortunately. But I agree, overall it's a negative influence in the world and a force that negates progression, and eventually it needs to dissolve.

Overall I fall in the "if the music is good, it doesn't matter" crowd, but I'm generally quick to be apologetic and post-modernistic when it comes to this, while simultaneously feeling some sense of cognitive dissonance. It's not at all surprising that Christianity is so involved in metal, given it has a long history of colonizing pre-established forms to suit evangelicalizing/proselytizing needs. This is just a contemporary example of it. 
 What is irksome to the non-xian metal subculture is that, as a form, it developed as a means (whether or not explicitly remains arguable) to criticize the greater project of the Abrahamic religions' co-opting and super-cession of pre-xian pagan and atheist metaphysics. So when xians start coming around again and claiming that space for themselves, it's going to start pissing people off and causing them to react. (Adverse reactions usually prove the opinion is not without foundation). Xians run/own/dominate enough public space as it is, yet they continue to act out whatever persecution complex they see fit.

This is why no matter how good the music is, how talented the artist, or how intrusive or non-intrusive the artist is to the extent to which they project beliefs, there will always be an attitude among the metal community (at least as a subcurrent) that if you are a Christian, you have no business listening to metal, being involved in metal, or making metal. You are not welcome. And you will always know and feel that.
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