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3. Wintersun

Slowly continuing on, number 3, WINTERSUN.

Now, obviously everyone on here will agree, Wintersun was amazing live, no question about it. They looked like they were so happy and excited to finally be touring the states after all of these years, and of course a majority of the crowd was mainly there for them.

But much like Possessed.... I've got a bit of a back story to share

Wintersun isn't a band that I necessarily like. I mean, they're great, no question about it, but I never understood why everyone thought they were so amazing. So like I do in these situations, I went into this show having very low expectations. I heard their first album from time to time, and it never really stuck with me. There were great songs, but overall, just another album. Then Time I came out . My first reaction "HAH! This is really what everyone has been waiting for? Under an hour of over done synth metal!?" Yes... I was a douche with that thought, but I thought it was hilarious. So like I said, my expectations were very low going into this show...

...until they took the stage...

I was blown away. It was one of the most powerful, most energetic, most uplifting shows that I had ever seen! They were so happy, so enthusiastic to be in America and showing everyone what they could do. They were nearly perfect. I was absolutely "awe struck" when all three string players did vocals at the same time, that is something you don't see very much... and even better... THE SYNTH'S WEREN'T OVERPOWERING THEIR SOUND!!! This show had happened during a time where I was feeling overly stressed and pissed over things, and it was such a great release from those thoughts!

After the show I went out and purchased "Time I", just so I could have a fair view of it. It didn't end up as bad as I had predicted it to be, sure the synth's were a bit overbearing, but it wasn't terrible. I cannot wait for them to come back again!

...oh, and this night was also the worst because I woke up the next morning and I had slept very awkwardly on my wrist, causing my tendons to get stressed and now my wrist is in pain all the time
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