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Favorite album you heard in 2012 that wasn't released in 2012

I'm always behind on music. That's probably when everyone else here has hundreds of albums to compile their yearly lists from when I usually have twenty. Most of the music I buy is usually from years gone past and I either never heard of it, just got around to it or forgot about it.

This year the best non-2012 released I got was:
Salem - King Night (originally released in 2010)

I first heard this in late-June on Sirius satellite when they played the title track King Night. I was hooked instantly. It was some of the most fucked up, beautiful music I'd heard in a long time. I downloaded some videos for that song and another called Asia and it was just as fucked up. You seriously have to check this video out. I must have watched it ten times the first night. So I figured the album was worth it. This is some fucked up music (I can't say that enough times). The album consists of three distinct styles: droning synth pop, droning new-wave and drrty south hip-hop. I have to admit that I like the hip-hop the best. I never really listen to that style so it's pretty new to me. The rest is just as cool. Slow drum beats, dreamy chanted vocals, droning synth lines and pitch shifted rapping. It's the musical equivilant to being messed up on heroin. Trapdoor was probably my song of the year. I remember in summer driving my apprentice home and we listened to that song for the entire hour drive. And it never got old. I hope they put something else in 2013 (and I hear about it before 2017).

King Night
Trapdoor (not an official video)

Had I heard this in 2010 I don't think it would have been Album of the Year, but definently top-5.
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch

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