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24.Overkill-The Electric Age
Thrash icons Overkill still have it after all these years. Despite not being my favorite thrash band ever, since the dawn of the new millennium they have been the most consistent old-school thrash band. The Electric Age continues Overkill's trend of kicking ass well into their third decade. While not quite reaching the heights of their amazing last effort Ironbound, The Electric Age has a very similar feel and an almost equal end-result. This album is full of speed, catchy riffs and hooks, and Blitz's trademark snarl. The laggy midsection of "Wish You Were Dead", "Black Daze", and "Save Yourself" bring down the incendiary opening duo of "Come and Get It" and "Electric Rattlesnake" and temporarily derail the momentum of the album. Thankfully the second half is thoroughly consistent and just as good, if not better than the first two tracks. It's no Ironbound, but The Electric Age still packs a wallop and is damn fine thrash.

Standout Tracks
1.All Over but the Shouting
2.Come and Get It
3.Good Night
10/29 Rae Sremmurd
11/12 The Weeknd
11/15 Parkway Drive
11/28 ABR/ETID
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