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Bummer you didn't like GF. I've always enjoyed seeing them live. Supreme bummer about Behemoth. Tix to their shows aren't cheap, so I'd be super pissed if the sound sucked.

Kudos to your review on Impending Doom. I always respect people's views on religion as well, but I can't fucking stand when people preach at/to me. That's one of my biggest pet peeves. On a side note, I saw this lame, incredibly lame deathcore band (can't remember their name - even tried looking them up - maybe someone can help me, their lead singer is African-American) as an opener for a show in Montreal, and it was HILARIOUS. Some people in the crowd actually dug them, then between like the 3rd and 4th song, the vocalist started preaching about God and religion, and people got PISSED. Boo's everywhere, and about 30 people who were up front left the pit area. Thought it was it great. I believe in God, but I'd never try to preach shit like that to anyone. So these idiots got what they deserved.

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