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So at 10:14 tonight I had zero chance or hope of going to the New Years show and at 10:15 I get handed a physical ticket to the event. Probably one of the more awesome WTF moments I've ever had.

I've been spending the weekend recording a technical metal band called Dimesland over at Trakworx Studio where Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra and Slough Feg have recorded. Their guitarist Drew, who is also in Wild Hunt, and I found out we had a lot of the same music in common and we talked about the Neurosis show and how it was invite only. As we were tearing down only a couple hours ago dude just hands me a ticket to the show! Drew mentioned that he's friends with Dave from Neurosis and so I guess he hooked up him up. FUCK YEAH BITCHES.
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