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Thursday, April 5th
The Heritage Hunter Tour
Opeth, Mastodon & Ghost
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Massachusetts

One of many excellent shows this year. First time seeing all the bands listed. Ghost opened and they were the best sounding live band I've ever experienced. Everything was mixed perfectly. Mastodon was great for the most part, except Brent was tanked off his ass and kept tripping over his guitar cable, having to stop the show 2 or 3 times. Opeth was phenomenal. Someone in the crowd yelled "EATEN!!" and Mikael goes "Yes, I have eaten, thank you." Definitely one of the highlight shows of my year.

Ghost: 9.5/10 (Just wish they could've played longer)
Mastodon: 8.5/10
Opeth: 10/10

Saturday, April 28th
The Hey...Cruel World Tour
Marilyn Manson & The Pretty Reckless
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Just for the sake of seeing him in person, I felt compelled to go to this show. I heard his Mayhem 2009 shows were awful so I was hoping that after a couple years of rest that he'd be better. The Pretty Reckless opened and they were pretty cool. Taylor Momsen was definitely nice to look at & the band had an old school rock n roll vibe. I'd see them again if they came around. For the most part, Manson was good. Only wished he played longer. Hit the stage at 9 and the show was over by 1020.

The Pretty Reckless: 8.5/10
Marilyn Manson: 8/10

Sunday, April 29th
Made In Germany 1995-2012 Tour
DCU Center
Worcester, Massachusetts

Rammstein's first show in Massachusetts since the dick incident of 1999. They had announced this show like 6 months in advance, so I was very very ready for this to happen. Literally the only thing I would've changed was getting rid of the opener (I honestly don't remember who it was, it was some DJ) and have Rammstein play 3 or 4 more songs. Either way, they set the gold standard for an over the top show. More pyro in the show alone than in every other show I've seen combined. One of my favorites of the year.

Rammstein: 9.75/10
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