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Originally Posted by detuned View Post
pretty much how i felt when i saw them 8 years ago. i think ive seen maybe 3 other shows that were in the same league. easily one of the best sounding live bands ive ever seen, as good as on record, if not better.
3 shows in 8 years...christ... I'd say Electric Wizard at MDF was probably as good as this performance, but I was stoned then, and sober last night... also I don't even like Neurosis. I don't really like the soft-loud dynamics of post-metal but it was the best part of the show last night... I hadn't really listened to them before so I didn't know the songs at all, so waiting during the droning parts and wondering when they would EXPLODE was a pleasant torture, if you will... then when they finally EXPLODED, I just fucking shot forward with organic ecstasy and orgasmic energy beaming from me

@ InFlames: yeah Lincoln was on the rail in the center I'd say, and I was right behind him... he kept hitting me with his dirty metalhead hair though
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