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30.Hour of Penance-Sedition
My main thought while listening to Sedition was why I haven't to Hour of Penance sooner? This is some really badass brutal/technical death metal. They combine the two sides brilliantly and effortlessly and it makes for extreme metal bliss. They remind me a lot of Behemoth and Fleshgod Apocalypse (which makes complete sense considering how many members of Fleshgod were once in Hour of Penance). "Ascension" is one of the best songs I've heard all year. The groove-esque riff in the middle is guaranteed to start crazy pits in the live setting. Sedition is great stuff and I will be delving more into Hour of Penance's discography soon.

Standout Tracks
2.The Cannibal Gods
3.Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God
3/2 Migos
3/30 Intronaut/Scale the Summit
4/7 Waka Flocka
4/17 Kvelertak
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