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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Okay, so like I keep saying I don't watch WWE broadcasting at all these days but I read recaps and go on boards. What the fuck is 'Tout'?
Pretty much a live action version of twitter and the worst thing the WWE has ever invested in. Yes, it's worse than the XFL.

The WWE has part ownership in it. Here's where the idiocy of Vince really comes to the forefront. Instead of having wrestlers cut promos and promote fueds/matches or other WWE realted stuff on TV like they used to, they have them do it on tout which only reaches about half of the WWE viewing audience. No wonder nobody can become a star and get over today because they rather have them talk on twatter or tout instead of in front of a live TV audience where more people can see you.

It gets better though, they also show on RAW sometimes fans touting their thoughts on what's going on. Which just talks up more time that could be spent on having a wrestler do a 60 second promo where millions of fans can get to know that person better. It seems the WWE wants social media to be more over than 95 percent of their roster and i've gotta say, they're achieving that goal very well over the last couple years.

No wonder they can't get anybody to be a major star anymore, they put way more time into getting social media over than they do their talent. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't a fan during the 80s and during the attitude era, if this garbage would piss me off as much as it does.

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