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14. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

When I heard that Gojira signed on with Roadrunner I didn't know what I expected to hear from their next album. I was hoping that they can exceed their amazing fourth album "The Way Of All Flesh" but I knew that would be difficult for this band to surpass their best opus. However, they did a pretty good job of coming close. Many of these tracks do sound familiar to each other and most last around 5 minutes which is a little disappointing. The grooves, especially in the title track, sound amazing along with those crushing riffs that never fail to disappoint. A little more experimentation could heave helped this album sound more unique but it does sound like the most cohesive album which isn't a bad thing. Overall, it is great album from this amazing French band that definitely belongs in any top 20 list of 2012.
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