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Dementedx14's Top 14 albums of 2012 plus other stuff thread

Well since I didn't do one last year I figured I will do one for this year since I am bored on a Saturday night. I will finish this top 14 list this week and hopefully rate other things like live shows, eps, & movies.

First, I liked to give a very short summary of my life during the year of 2012. From January to July I was unemployed with barely money. Everyday felt the same with exception of the occasionally disappointing interview and few concerts. By June I was really starting to lose my mind to an extent because of how bored I was until July where I made some progress with a few one day jobs that ultimately led to me being hired as an intern for a company in the city. Since then, I have been waiting patiently until I can obtain a full-time position so that I can hopefully one day move out of my parents house and get a apartment in city.

That being said, I am glad this year is over with and hopefully 2013 will be a a lot better. Now unto the first album on the list.
05/20 - Amaranthe
05/21 - In Flames/Periphery
08/07-09 - Heavy Monteal (hopefully)
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