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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
It's another surefire sign that the brand extension should just end. It really only involves mid/low-card guys anymore. Neither show has enough main-eventers to stand on their own.
I looked up the rosters on WWE's page. Kofi, Kane, Bryan, Ryback and The Shield are all on the RAW roster. If they needed these guys to complete a Smackdown house show card then they really need to unify the world titles and put the shows back together. Which is something i've been in favor of for awhile now. The WWE probably won't do that though since having two brands will allow them to run more house shows in more places on the weekends which creates more revenue. If they really want to keep the shows seperate then they need to honor that. Build up the rosters better that way each show can stand on it's own. If makes no sense to have the WWE champ and the world heavyweight champ wrestling on the same show (RAW) every week. It confuses the hell out of the real fans, so it might just be turning off potential new fans who can't make sense out of it either.

The shame of it is, they have the talent to make two seperate rosters good on their own without anyone crossing between them. They just need to buld everyone up better. One of the main problems is there are no credible mid card verterans around right now to help put the younger guys over and give them a boost. So all you have is young up and comer beating another young up and comer and nobody gains anything out of it since these guys lack credibility in the eyes of the fans.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
No they still pushed tout a shit load!
Oh well, hopefully they didn't do as bad of a job selling it as Cole and Lawler do with everything. Those two couldn't sell a fully cooked steak to a starving homeless man.
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