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-1. Murder Construct - Results

This, my friends, is a perfect album. While Monolith Of Inhumanity pushed to see what they could do with a genre, Results is a genre done in the absolute best way possible. While their self titled EP was just a cool album, this is something far greater. It is an album that must be listened to in its entirety, and I would argue that it's the best material that anyone involved has been apart of. This album hits me in a similar way to From Enslavement To Obliteration in the sense that even if you don't know any of the song titles, you know exactly how the album flows and what hits where. The production of this album is ridiculously organic, with everything sounding crisp and meshing together perfectly. This album has been most definitely overshadowed by Monolith, and I initally didn't think it was as good, but as the year progressed I started listening to Monolith less and Results more. And Results gets better upon every listen.
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