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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
No, you always have more fun at house shows than TV tapings. Especially today when RAW is a bunch of recap vidoes, advertising and commentarotrs talking that you can't even here live. Seriously, the last live RAW I went to was in Feburary of 2011, Triple H pedigreed Sheamus through the announce table after being gone for almost a year, in case anyone remembers that. Anyways, it was all videos, interviews and skits both in the ring and in back and hardly any wrestling happened on the show. The worse thing was the crock did one of his boring ass 20 minute "via satillite" promos to hype that he was hosting wrestlemania. It was just fuckin awful, not only because it was one of the crock's usual outdated and never been funny lame catchpharase after lame catchpharase promos but if I wanted to watch someone on the screen I wouldn't have bought a ticket and stayed home instead. Easily the deadest crowd i've ever seen for a whole show and i've been going to wrestling events since 1986.
Yeah, but I've been to a few crappy house shows too. I remember one in Toronto in late 2003 that advertised Goldberg and a cage match between Kane and Shane McMahon. Goldberg came out right at the beginning and speared Maven (I think) and that was it, less than a minute. And the cage match was cheesy. And I went to another particularly bad one in Oshawa in early 2005 or 2006. Right before MNM debuted, because they wrestled there and no one knew who they were. It was just a bad show all around.

Most of the Raws/Smackdowns I went to did suck, except one that was a RAW and Smackdown taping and Vickie Guerrero came out at the beginning and the crowd hatred was INTENSE. That was fun.

Of the PPVs I've been to only Wrestlemania X8 was memorable (obviously). Summerslam 2004 sucked and Unforgiven 2006 wasn't very good either. The only good part of Summerslam wasn't on TV, it was when some guy jumped from the crowd onto JBL's limo roof, and fell through. Later in the match the Undertaker chokeslammed JBL through the limo roof, but the cat was already out of the bag for the live audience.
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