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4. Possessed

My band got the opportunity to open for the legendary POSSESSED back in February of this year. Personally, I am not a huge fan of Possessed. Seven Churches is a great Death Metal album, yes, but it's also very sloppy at times. Lately I have grown insanely anal about my music, and when it's sloppy, or as some would say "kvlt", I tend to stay away, but Possessed was far from sloppy when I saw them.

Let me give you all a brief back story: It was Saturday September 3rd of the year 2005. There was a very awesome line up at a venue here in Seattle called the Showbox. My friends bands Drown Mary, Only Human, and others were opening for Dino Cazares' Death Metal band, Asesino. I had never heard of Asesino, so I was mainly going for the locals. When Asesino took the stage... I was amazed. THAT DRUMMER IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! In one night El Sadistico/Emilio Marquez became one of my favorite drummers, and biggest influences to this day.

Fast forward to February of 2012, about 6 years later: I find myself sharing the stage with Possessed, and who is their drummer these days? The man himself, EMILIO MARQUEZ.

To finally share the stage with one of my biggest influences was not only an absolute honor, but man oh man was I in school girl mode that night . My friend, who became friends with Emilio back in 2005, introduced me to him, and wow, I was speechless.

So you could say I only rated this so high because I got to share the stage with my idol, and pretty much... YEAH! But honestly, their set was amazing. Sure Jeff's vocals aren't what they used to be, but the music is as intense as ever. And I swear they played for a good 90ish minutes. Emilio took off pretty abruptly after their set, but I shot the shit with one of their guitarists, who was also in AngelCorpse for their last tour.

It was such an amazing night. Here is a picture of me drumming... AND EMILIO SETTING UP HIS SHIT RIGHT BEHIND ME (its hard, but you can kind of make out the top of his head )

Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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