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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So the house show I went to last night was pretty awesome. Great seats and some good matches.

Got to see a battle royal which was pretty cool.

Also a threeway match with Wade Barret vs Alerbto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston! I really like Barret and Kofi is fucking amazing as always. Kofi had one of the loudest reactions of the night.

Main event was Big Show vs Shemus in a cage match and that was actually a insanely good match. Then they thanked up and everyone started to leave. Next thing you know they start announcing that it appears the curfew is 11 not 1030 so they have time for one more match which was originally cancelled due some of the guys not arriving yet.

So they start taking down the cage and Matt Striker announces that one of the men in the last match which was a 6 man tag would be Ryback! The crowd went fucking apeshit. So eventually Ryback comes out and the crowd goes apeshit! Then all of a sudden fucking Daniel Byrant walks out of the ramp and that crowd lost it mind again! Even I was going crazy. Then the lights went out and the music started and Kane came out! Again, apeshit!

Next thing you know I look to my right (We were pretty close to the floor plus I had a aisle seat) and one of the guys from the shield is standing right next to me. He stood there for like 2 minutes before going down to the ring since The Shield were all coming down from each side of the arena. But I got a amazing picture of him since he was only like 10 inches from me.

The match though was really good and afterwards Daniel Byrant was just playing with the crowd for a while.

Really cool ending to a fun night.
So Kofi, Ryback, Kane are Smackdown guys? I thought for sure they were "officially" on RAW. With them not sticking to the brand split anymore it's hard to tell which guys are on which roster now. I wasn't even sure if Bryan was still supposed to be a SD guy anymore either.

Big Show and Sheamus have been putting on some good PPV matches these last couple of months so it's no surprise the match was good. In terms of knowing how to play his character and his in ring work, I think the last two or three years have been the best of Big Show's career. He's really doing everything equally as good over the last couple years.

My only knock on Sheamus is that they make him too comical. He needs to be a straight up badass like he was when he first turned face. He's a good in ring worker and has decent mic skills and a likeability to him. Some ocassional comedy is good but he needs to be a more serious character. They're making him too much like Cena with all this funny stuff and not taking things as seriously as he should, that's not a good thing.

House shows are always fun because you get quality matches and there's no time taken up by all the recaps and twitter/tout bullshit.

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