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12. Ready to Die

Artist: Notorious B.I.G. AKA biggie smalls
Producer: Easy Moe Bee, Lord Finesse, Puff Daddy and DJ Premier
Recorded: 1993-1994
Released: 1994
Album Title: Ready To Die

"Ready to Die tell God I said Hi" - Biggie Smalls

Ready to Die is the debut album of American rapper The Notorious B.I.G., released September 13, 1994 on Bad Boy Records. The first release on the label, it features production by record producer and Bad Boy founder Sean "Puffy" Combs, Easy Mo Bee, Chucky Thompson, DJ Premier, and Lord Finesse, among others. Recording sessions for the album took place during 1993 to 1994 at The Hit Factory and D&D Studios in New York City. The partly autobiographical album tells the story of The Notorious B.I.G.'s experiences as a young criminal, referring to himself as "the black Frank White". Ready to Die is his only studio album released during his lifetime; B.I.G. was murdered days prior to the release of his second album Life After Death (1997). Ready to Die gained strong reviews on release and became a commercial success, reaching quadruple platinum sales. It was significant for revitalizing the East Coast hip hop scene, amid West Coast hip hop's commercial dominance. Ready to Die has been regarded by several music critics as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. The Notorious B.I.G.'s lyrics on the album were generally praised by critics. The album is also noted for its dark tone and sinister sense of depression.

…EVERYONE should be familiar with notorious BIG and this album, and if not, well SHAME ON YOU because This is not only one of the most well known albums of the genre, but it's pretty popular amongst those that listen to hip hop and those that don't.. Even those that don't like hip hop or listen to much of it should know classics such as "Big Poppa", and "Juicy" which are both found on this classic record as well as played constantly on the radio on a daily basis.. For those that aren't familiar with Notorious B.I.G., Well I pitty you fool, MR T STATUS. Notorious B.I.G was an up coming hip hop artist during the early 90s where he rose to fame from his battle rap freestyle that he would spit on the corners of new york while slanging crack cocain. Eventually time passed and biggie was sick of that lifestyle so he broke off the mold and decided that he wanted to become one of the biggest artists of all time. This was also around the same time when Biggie also befriends a very young and premature P-diddy who went by the name Puff Daddy back then. Through this epic friendship the two set out to get biggie a deal so the two of them can rise to fame and to release one of the greatest CDs of all time. Biggie and puff daddy rose to critical fame/acclaim with this album. He braught out a style, chrasimia, and flow that would forever be untouched in the world of hip hop. The lyrics are dynamite and the beats stand still to this day stand the test of time. PERSONALY I didn't think biggie smalls was very deep or poetic, but Biggies flow was harder than a bag of stones and had that golden voice that would forever be remember for years to come. In a way he was kind of ahead of his time and if he didn't get killed at such an early age I think he would have grown to be the top rappers of all time. It blows me away that this guy only released two albums and died at such an early age.. He died at age 24 to be exact....So young and so much gift and potential to be shown to the entire world...only to be taken away......REST IN PEACE BIGGIE SMALLS

The production on this album is some of the greatest of all time. So much layered sampling and incredible drum beats with heavy bass by productions from legendary gangstarr member DJ PREMIER, as well as some production from underrated hip hop producer EASY Moe bee. For those that donno, Easy moe bee is probably one of the most slept on producers of all time. He's so underground and yet has worked with so many incredible artists such as 2PAC, biggie, Wu Tang members, Jamal, and more. The beats he produces on tracks such as "gimmi the loot" and "Ready to die" are just heavy and haunting filled with epic jazzy loops. It matches well with biggies gritty raps on the fucked up shit that goes on in his side of the streets. Best tracks are practically the entire album ahahha. Everyone scoping this album out should first listen to the song "Suicidal Thoughts". The lyrics are haunting and fucked up as well as backed up by a sinister mellow beat that is just head knobbing yet incredibly addicting to jazz out too. In my opinion it's the best song on the album it's just too bad the song is too damn short!!! Here is the track as well as a fatt chunk of this classic record for ya'll to scope out... Digg it and enjoy

Ready to Die

Suicidal Thoughts

Gimmi The Loot

The Warning

Things Done Changed

The What feat. METHOD MAN

Big Poppa


Me and My Bitch
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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