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Asphyx - Deathhammer

From the moment this album was announced I knew it was going to be killer. They released the song titles (seriously, with a title like "As the Magma Mammoth Rises" you know it's going to fucking destroy), then the artwork which was fucking AWESOME, and then they released the title track. While the "THIS IS TRUE DEATH METAL YA BASTARDS" was pretty cheesy, that track crushed, just like the rest of the album does. The album is divided evenly into fast, brutal tracks, and slow, incredibly crushing tracks. Both are good but the ones that get my attention are the slower ones. They also do a cover of Celtic Frost's "Os Abysmi Vel Daath," which is just perfect. Asphyx covering Monotheist-era Celtic Frost. Holy shit. Asphyx are one of the king bands in death/doom and they sure know how to do it right. So yes, this could well be the best Asphyx album since Last One On Earth, and it is my #1 album of 2012 as well.

I'd post the full album but not all the tracks are on Youtube... so here's "As the Magma Mammoth Rises", possibly the best track on the album.

As the Magma Mammoth Rises
__________________ - 2015 available for download (name your price)
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