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Killswitch Engage -- Baltimore, MD -- December 27th, 2012

Full Review

Saw Killswitch last night \m/ Sold out show at Ram's Head Live. There were a lot of... 'normal' looking people there, you know the short hair, baseball cap, white variety there. Not judging, just an observation. I know Killswitch is a bit more...mainstream or the like, and draws a different crowd than say...Sabaton, but I still like them.

Acaro- IMO Killswitch lite, but not quite there. Kind of forgettable. Good energy, OK opener. Kind of meh.

Periphery- I swear I saw these guys open for someone else years ago, but I really can't recall. A nice change of the metalcore/thrash (Shadows Fall) that was dominating the night, but it was a bit jarring. I was a bit distracted at this point, so I don't know if I can give them a fair shake. So I thought they were OK, but nothing really special. I'd need to give them some more listens

Shadows Fall- its been years since I last saw them, and they were still very good. Kind of an odd set list, but overall Enjoyable. Only complaint was that their volume was way too low.

Killswitch Engage- first time seeing them with Jesse singing, and he delivered almost flawlessly. Sung the old stuff great and the Howard stuff satisfactorily. There were people in the crowd scratching their heads/looking blank on some of the deeper cuts from 'Alive...', but they got back into it for the 'hits.' Sounded great, but only played an hour :/


Acaro (7:30 - 8:01) (they probably had a few more but this was at least the last 4 songs)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Becoming the Process
  • ?

Periphery (via
  • Ragnarok
  • Have a Blast
  • Buttersnips
  • New Snu
  • Facepalm Mute
  • Make Total Destroy
  • Icarus Lives!

Shadows Fall (9:10- 9:53)
  • The Light That Blinds
  • The Idiot Box
  • Weight of the World
  • King of Nothing
  • Still I Rise
  • Destroyer of Senses
  • Divide and Conquer
  • War (Bob Marley cover)

Killswitch Engage (10:20 - 11:25)
  • A Bid Farewell
  • Rose of Sharyn
  • Numbered Days
  • Self Revolution
  • Fixation on the Darkness
  • My Last Serenade
  • Life to Lifeless
  • Just Barely Breathing
  • To the Sons of Man
  • Temple From the Within
  • Vide Infra
  • The Element of One
  • Without a Name
  • Rise Inside
  • My Curse
  • The End of Heartache

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