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Mordred -- Vienna, Austria -- October 28th, 1991

Ah, funk metal. Don't deny it, if you were a metal fan in the late 80's, early 90's you rocked some of this crap along side your Slayer and Megadeth. Remember Ignorance? 24-7 Spyz? Atom Seed? Psychefunkepus? Hey, the chicks dug this stuff! However, the one such band I won't apologize for being a fan of is the Bay Area thrash/funk squad Mordred.

Holderby and co. hit town along with the aforementioned British funk hopefuls Atom Seed (about whom I remember absolutely zip) a few days after the Coroner show. Attendance was pretty high, and I have very distinct memories of my beer being knocked out of my hand as Mordred started playing. The set was the same as their In this Live video from 1992, with the exception of the first cover song, which I'm not sure about.

1. State of Mind
2. The Strain
3. Killing Time
4. Every Day's a Holiday
5. The Artist
6. Spectacle of Fear
7. Falling Away
8. Downtown
9. Esse Quam Videri
10. High Potency
11. Larger Than Life
12. Some Cover
13. Johnny The Fox (Thin Lizzy cover)
14. In This Life

The band's energy was great, especially Holderby's, who jumped around the stage quite a bit. It's too bad that this would pretty much be their death knell. The next album (The Next Room) didn't sell at all. I remember that they booked a tour for it which was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.

I bought a very cool long-sleeve shirt, which I may or may not still have. While wearing it a few months later in London, some people asked me if I was in the band, haha. This was when I had hair halfway down my back... Good times.
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