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Job For A Cowboy

Another album that I don't think is bad persay, I was just disappointed by it. I prefer the Ruination-era JFAC, I thought that was a great album. I was nervous about the various lineup changes they had in 2010-11, but thought the Gloom EP was solid. Not outstanding, but solid. When I saw them play 2 new songs from the album early this year, I was indifferent. I liked Black Discharge, but wasn't thrilled with Imperium Wolves. When they streamed the first soong, Children of Deceit, I was excited. I fuckin loved that song. It was fast, heavy and brutal. So when I picked up the album, it was obvious I was extremely disappointed to hear no songs came within the quality of Children of Deceit and Black Discharge. There are a few songs that are decent, but when I listen to this album on my iPod it's those 2 songs, then on to a different one. The last song, Tarnished Gluttony is a decent song too, I suppose. But 3 good songs out of 9, not exactly what I expected. Another thing that has started to irritate me about JFAC, is their gay-ass arrogant political lyrics. If you idiots hate this country so much, either leave, or kill yourselves.

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