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34.Parkway Drive-Atlas
Australian metalcore act Parkway Drive is one of the more consistent acts in the genre. You know pretty much exactly what your getting with them, but their music doesn't really get old. That being said, the quality of Atlas still surprised me. The breakdowns are used far more sparingly and effectively than they were on their previous record Deep Blue and there is an enhanced focus on melody and even some experimentation. I mean when did you expect to hear strings, piano, and female clean vocals to be featured on a Parkway Drive record? The cool thing is that amidst trying new things, Parkway Drive never forgets who they are. Winston McCall is still delivering intense, hardcore-inspired vocals, Luke Kilpatrick is still writing killer melodic riffs, and the breakdowns still hit hard. This is Parkway Drive's best since Horizons and is able to achieve just the right balance between experimenting with new elements and keeping the elements that made them enjoyable in the first place.

Standout Tracks
1.The River
2.Wild Eyes
3.Dream Run
11/28 ABR/ETID
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