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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
No, it still wasn't loud enough because that is a badly produced, horribly quiet album.
...what. The production on Welcome to Sky Valley is outstanding! Even though Brant's a total cymbal smasher you don't hear an annoying "psssssh" like on a lot of other albums he played on (The Action is Go by Fu Manchu comes to mind). The basslines are actually audible even though Josh's guitar is low as hell and the frequency spectrum is generally pretty even- the fact that the album isn't a sludgy mess is proof of that. When it comes to stoner rock, you really can't ask a whole lot more from the production than what you get with Sky Valley. And as for the quiet thing, do you mean in terms of the mastering or the songs themselves? The mastering is perfectly fine on Sky Valley, it didn't ruin the mix as some shit mastering jobs do and the dynamics were preserved since the master wasn't jacked to hell.
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