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Painkiller anybody? A Different Kind of Truth is definitely way high up there though.

Off the top of my head here's some others I can think of.
Brave New World - Iron Maiden
Perfect Strangers/Purpendicular - Deep Purple (both were good comeback albums really)
Ironbound- Overkill
Violent Revolution - Kreator
Blood of the Nations - Accept
Worship Music - Anthrax
Killing Peace - Onslaught
Last Rites - Pentagram
Solid Ball of Rock - Saxon

Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Hey Stoopid-Alice Cooper (I think this and Trash where his comeback albums,and this is my favorite Alice Cooper album)
You know, it's funny that you mentioned this one and Trash. Hey Stoopid is one of my favorite AC albums too, I think it's insanely underrated. Trash was definitely the commercial comeback, but a lot of Alice's hardcore fans would argue that The Last Temptation was his creative comeback. As far as I'm concerned, nearly all of Alice's studio albums are worth a listen though.

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