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Coroner -- Vienna, Austria -- October 18th, 1991

I spent my “junior-year abroad” in Vienna in 1991-1992 and had the good fortune to see a slew of awesome metal shows, mostly at the long-gone but not forgotten suburban venue, the aptly dubbed das Rockhaus. One of the first, possibly the first I attended was a pairing of two bands I never thought I'd see – Coroner and Mekong Delta. I had missed Coroner the previous year in Texas because I couldn't get a ride from Austin to San Antonio, and Mekong Delta, well, they were never going to play outside Europe, right? Right.

Of course, 21 years later I don't remember a hell of a lot of individual moments about the show, other than that Doug Lee (Mekong Delta's singer) was really fat and looked like a glam dork. He sang a little off-key as well. As far as the set list, I'm taking it from the 2007-released DVD recorded in Frankfurt because it contains about the same number of songs and it was recorded the same year (1991). If you can do better, knock yourself out.

1. The Cure
2. Transgressor
3. True Believer
4. Night on a Bare Mountain
5. Memories of Tomorrow
6. Dances of Death
7. Hut of Baba Yaga
8. Heroes' Grief
9. Toccata
10. True Lies

Coroner was, is, and always will be one of my favorite bands. My buddies back home were jealous that I got to see them live, and I remember writing letters (yep, putting pen to paper, folding up said paper, sticking it in an envelope, buying the stamp, etc.) describing the show the next day. Again, memories are a little fuzzy here, but I distinctly remember that they opened with “Divine Step,” played 4 songs from Mental Vortex, and 4 from No More Color, busted out “Masked Jackal” and “Reborn Through Hate” late in the set, and closed with “Purple Haze.” I was also disappointed that they omitted "Pale Sister" and "Mistress of Deception." The order is almost certainly not right.

1. Divine Step
2. Son of Lilith
3. No Need to be Human
4. D.O.A.( I remember being amazed by Vetterli during this one)
5. Semtex Revolution
6. Die By My Hand
7. Metamorphosis
8. Read My Scars
9. Masked Jackal
10. Reborn Through Hate
11. Purple Haze

If you guys are interested I'll post more of these. I lived in Prague from 1994-1996 and saw tons of cool shows there as well.
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