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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Sometimes you have even more fun at house shows than TV tapings or PPV's.
No, you always have more fun at house shows than TV tapings. Especially today when RAW is a bunch of recap vidoes, advertising and commentarotrs talking that you can't even here live. Seriously, the last live RAW I went to was in Feburary of 2011, Triple H pedigreed Sheamus through the announce table after being gone for almost a year, in case anyone remembers that. Anyways, it was all videos, interviews and skits both in the ring and in back and hardly any wrestling happened on the show. The worse thing was the crock did one of his boring ass 20 minute "via satillite" promos to hype that he was hosting wrestlemania. It was just fuckin awful, not only because it was one of the crock's usual outdated and never been funny lame catchpharase after lame catchpharase promos but if I wanted to watch someone on the screen I wouldn't have bought a ticket and stayed home instead. Easily the deadest crowd i've ever seen for a whole show and i've been going to wrestling events since 1986.

It didn't used to be like that, the TV tapings used to be great back during the mid 80s/early 90s and during the attitude era house shows were equally as good. House shows and PPVs are the shows to see today because at least you get some real wrestling matches. I won't be attending a live RAW for awhile yet, the last one I went to was no doubt the worst WWF/E show i'd ever been to. I'll go to a house show for RAW but there is no way i'm sitting through the garbage that is the 3 hour recap and twitter/tout shilling show that it's become now.

One of my favorite house show memories was a WWF one my brother and I went to in 1996. Our seats were in the first row of the lower bowl, right by where the wrestlers came out. Basically when the wrestlers walked out and they looked to their left, my borther and I would've been just about the first people they saw. Owen Hart and The British Bulldog were in a tag match that night, they were heels and pretty much got booed out of the building as they made their entrance. My brother and I on the other hand gave them a standing ovation. Bulldog looked at us and gave us a thumbs up and Owen looked at us, rasied his fists in the air and yelled "Woooooo!!". It's strange to look back on that now that they're both dead but it was cool of them to acknowledge the only two people in the crowd cheering them that night

Wrestlers seem to be able to have more freedom at house shows to since it's not on TV. What adamclark said about Triple H and the fan having a staredown will happen at the non TV shows a lot more. Longtime fans seem to know that to since i've seen a lot of people talk more shit to the wrestlers at house shows than at the televised ones.

The Dudleys back in the old ECW days were the kings of staring down fans who would talk shit to them on the way to the ring. Then they would get in the ring and talk shit to the fans and sometimes they would get somebody so pissed they would jump the rail and try to get in the ring to get a piece of them. That happened at an ECW houe show I went to. The Dudleys got in the ring before their match and Bubba grabbed the mic and just started laying into some guy in the front. Finally after Bubba had been talking shit to him for a few minutes he said to the guy "I bet your mother taught you how to suck dick" and that set the dude off and he came over the rail. Security got him before he could get to the ring though. Oh, those were the days when a heel could actually be a fuckin heel.

I've got a lot of house show memories. I'm gonna have to think for awhile and i'll post some of the better stuff I can recall.

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