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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So the house show I went to last night was pretty awesome. Great seats and some good matches.

Got to see a battle royal which was pretty cool.

Also a threeway match with Wade Barret vs Alerbto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston! I really like Barret and Kofi is fucking amazing as always. Kofi had one of the loudest reactions of the night.

Main event was Big Show vs Shemus in a cage match and that was actually a insanely good match. Then they thanked up and everyone started to leave. Next thing you know they start announcing that it appears the curfew is 11 not 1030 so they have time for one more match which was originally cancelled due some of the guys not arriving yet.

So they start taking down the cage and Matt Striker announces that one of the men in the last match which was a 6 man tag would be Ryback! The crowd went fucking apeshit. So eventually Ryback comes out and the crowd goes apeshit! Then all of a sudden fucking Daniel Byrant walks out of the ramp and that crowd lost it mind again! Even I was going crazy. Then the lights went out and the music started and Kane came out! Again, apeshit!

Next thing you know I look to my right (We were pretty close to the floor plus I had a aisle seat) and one of the guys from the shield is standing right next to me. He stood there for like 2 minutes before going down to the ring since The Shield were all coming down from each side of the arena. But I got a amazing picture of him since he was only like 10 inches from me.

The match though was really good and afterwards Daniel Byrant was just playing with the crowd for a while.

Really cool ending to a fun night.
Sometimes you have even more fun at house shows than TV tapings or PPV's. I've got a few good memories:
-Sitting in the third row at a RAW house show in Barrie, Ontario in late 2004. Triple H was there (!) and even though I hate the guy he got right in the face of some guy beside me. I mean nose-to-nose. And the guy was just giving it to Triple H. Triple H just stared right in the guys eyes, didn't even blink. And the guy was giving him a good verbal beating. The only bad part was Triple H's comebacks was something lame like, "your mother". But wow that was intense.
-Another house show in Barrie in summer 2006. I didn't like the DX reunion but for whatever reason at that show they announced a special third member of DX that evening: Ric Flair. Everyone went apeshit. Even though Ric Flair was still a very active competitor at the time but I don't think anyone thought Triple H, Shawn Micheals AND Ric Flair would come to a hole like Barrie.
-Meeting Rob Van Dam at a house show in Oshawa, Ontario in early 2003. My wife had to go to the bathroom, and I was pissed because we were late. So I stood there waiting for her and RVD was down the hall signing autographs. I turned into a twelve year old boy and went over and he was like, "hey dude, want me to sign my shirt?". I liked the shirt, and didn't want to ruin it, but I said yes anyway. Maven was there too, but no one cared.
-watching an incredible tag team match between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe against the LAX in Oshawa in early 2007, I think. I can't remember if it was Samoa Joe or Christopher Daniels, but it was a really good match.
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