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Xenoblade Chronicles:

'm actually kind of offended at Nintendo's lassies faire attitude towards this game. This game should be so overexposed, it's secrets should be the next Aerith dies or Shiek is Zelda to the point where I should almost hate it. Nintendo had the next Chrono Trigger on their hands, and nobody that isn't an internet journalist has said anything about this game. Even the idiots at IGN think Last Story is a better game than this. Anyways, in terms of explaining this game, even without going into the radically different overworked layout, the story is basically two likable chums witness their hometown get pillaged by a race of machines and set out on a mission of genocidal revenge. That's it, but what starts out as a simple plot for something that sounds like The Cinema Snob would review ever so slowly turns into this beautifully compelling story about compassion, will, and even a deeply complex (though likely unintentional), yet subtle allegory about the relationship between mankind and God. As amazing as this game is, if a sequel comes out I'll be kind of pissed because there really isn't anywhere for this story to go other than "and they all lived happily ever after" because it would royally fuck up the dynamic of the game!

There are five things that make this game work: 1) An excellent real-time combat system that automatically auto attacks while also having special attacks called arts (which are the spells/techs of this game if you will). 2) The execution of the story telling. It's not melodramatic, but rather the game gives you little mysteries you can't wait to solve and once it is, about two more open up. 3) Gorgeous, Gorgeous set pieces. Uncharted doesn't have shit on this game. 4) An excellent soundtrack. 5) A cast of relatable characters with a richness I haven't seen since the days of Final Fantasy 6. This game is basically one giant gumbo of all the great RPGs you loved on the Super Nintendo: There's bits of Secret of Mana, bits of Super Mario RPG, bits of Final Fantasy IV and VI, Chrono Trigger of course, and there's even just a tasteful pinch of Metal Gear Solid in terms of the whams and twists this game has to offer (though with none Kojima's fucktarded trolling).

Not only is this the best game for the Wii, this is the best thing Nintendo's put out since Goldeneye for the N64. Not that they would have you know about it. Look, I know we're all supposed to hate GameStop, and the fact that this is exclusive to that franchise is a blemish on this otherwise perfect game, but please, I beg you, play this game, and tell all your friends to play this game, even if they aren't JRPG fans. Hell I'm not much of a JRPG person, I only bought this because I thought Operation Rainfall was kind of cute, and I thought that Nintendo choosing to go through with it was an obligation to buy it, and it was the greatest video-game decision I've ever made.
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