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8. Mpire of Evil

Band: Mpire of Evil
opening band: Evil Dead
Headlining Band: Onslaught
Location: Hollywood California
Venue: The Echoplex
Date: March 22nd, 2012

This was during the onslaught tour but i pretty much only came to see mpire of evil. Onslaught was pretty meh and I have already seen Evil dead headline at a festival a couple years ago. Great performance by Mpire of Evil. Mantas's Guitar tone was extremely heavy and those "Venom" songs just came out beautifully. The highlight of the night was during the end of the show. I left in the middle of onslaughts set because they were boring the shit out of me, but holy mother of god it was totally worth it because I had a nice "Epic" one on one moment with dolan and Mantas through out the rest of the show all the way down till onslaughts set was over in which we were yelled at and told by security to get the fuck out of here ahahha(we were hanging outside for a good 20 minutes). Basically Mantas and Dolan were drunk as shit and I started going on like a blabbering fool on how incredible their performance was, and how their music inspired so many awesome bands(for those that don't know: Mpire of evil consists of original members from VENOM). I must have been outside with them for a good 20 something minutes just kicking it OLD-SCHOOL . ahahhaha Dolan was hammered as hell and couldn't stop hugging me ahahha NO HOMOE. Mantas kept shaking my hand every twelve seconds . This was seriously one of the best ways a show could end for me. Just hanging out with two legends and kicking it old school. Here is a review from the show incase anyone wants to check it out. Good times good times

Mpire of evil review

Once again, hate to pull it but I gotta dip out to work. Have a good one folks
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