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36.Code Orange Kids-Love is Love// Return to Dust
Most hardcore I've listened to in the past year was decent, but nothing special. I was in desperate need to find some fresh-sounding hardcore and Pittsburgh's Code Orange Kids delivered. Their incorporation of sludge, post-hardcore, and even some ambient have makes them one of the most refreshing hardcore acts to come along in sometime. They have three vocalists and they make us of them beautifully. All three have a distinct yet similar hard-hitting vocal style that suits the intensity of the music.I can see why Jake Bannon signed them to Deathwish, I can see a lot of Converge in these young guys and girl. A lot of great sludgey riffs mixed with punk energy,soothing interludes, and a flair for drastic tempo changes make Code Orange Kids a new torchbearer for modern hardcore.

Standout Tracks
1.Nothing (The Rat)
2.Choices (Love is Love)
3.Sleep (I've Been Slipping)
6/18 Bane
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