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Biohazard Road Trip : Albany, NY 1/15 ; Reading, PA 1/16 ; NYC 1/17

A unique choice here, as I'm picking a road trip of 3 Biohazard shows as my top concert of the year. My took my dad with me. Was pretty cool, cause as I've gotten older, I don't get to spend a lot of time with him. He's not a huge metalhead like I am, but he's now seen a lot of bands with me. He's one of the most well versed music fans I've ever met, so he knows his shit. So anyway, the first night in Albany was FUCKING cold. -3 when we arrived. Got loaded before the show (Pops was DD), and showed up in time for a decent local opening band, I think they were called Dolabra. Decent hardcore/metal band, sorta like Merauder or Ringworm. Next was Ematoma, the toxically bad "band" that made my Worst Shows list earlier in the thread. Ugh, beyong awful. Biohazard came in the public entrance and mingled with everyone at this point, which I thought was pretty sweet. Got a pic w/ Billy. Next was Sworn Enemy, who was very good. Saw some messed up stuff happen during: I see 2 bouncers drag a dude out, no biggie, that happens all the time. Then about 4-5 guys come out of nowhere and start attacking the guy they were dragging out. I mean legitamtely. The guy was being dragged on the ground, and they started fucking booting him in the head/face. Poor bouncers were frantically trying to stop it, was really fucked up. Biohazard was up afterwards and they killed it as always. A very solid setlist w/ a couple of live premiers. I filmed from right up close and the footage came out dark, put still good. Bogie's was as packed as I've ever seen it, close it's 450 capacity. This show actually drew in more people than Terror/Trapped Under Ice.

Come Alive - Live Premier

The next night was in Reading, PA, the poorest town in America. Truth be told, it didn't seem to be that bad. I've seen many other cities with much more urban blight and just "nastier" looking. The Reverb is a newish venue, and we were pleasantly suprised. Very large inside, with several big ass TV's on the walls and a good sized bar. The stage isn't "optimal" height, but it's higher than most venues of similar size/status. Great PA too, an overall solid venue. There were some different openers for this one, I can't remember all of em, but one was Lifeless, a hardcore band from NJ. They were solid. Sworn Enemy was good again, Biohazard was good again. Some changes in the setlist from the night before, and some massive pits. Met Bobby Hambel (lead guitar) afterwards and got a pic, he was a real nice dude.

Black and White and Red All Over

Next up was the 2.5 hour drive to the Big Apple. Stayed at one of the just 3 hotels in Manhattan that offer free parking. Always nice to save cash in the city, as most shit is so expensive. The Gramercy Theatre is a nice little venue in Midtown. Should've just drank there, as I went to a dive bar about a block away, where Wild Turkey shots were $7. I release it's Manhattan but fuck, I don't wanna pay that for shots. It was Biohazard's Reborn In Defiance CD release party, so there were a bunch of radio stations there, and a decent crowd. I met Stigma from Agnostic Front, and there were a couple MMA fighters (I don't follow that, so I didn't know who they were) there too. Show was great, sound quality was very good inside the smallish venue. Some different openers again, such as This Is Hell, and Wisdom In Chains. Pops love WIC and actually bought a shirt. You should see some of the looks he gets when he wears it. LOL, 51 year old dude wearing a Wisdom In Chains shirt. Overall just a very fun experience, 3 straight nights of hardcore + metal, lot's of booze and food, and got to spend some real time w/ my dad for the first time in ~5 years.

Urban Discipline
Chamber Spins Three

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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