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I did pretty good, got back more in value than I spent, which I was seriously hoping for considering I am broke and I told the big players for christmas (parents, grandma) to pretty much just give me money for that reason, so I did okay there :p Other than that I got:

-Kamelot - Silverthorn the fancy limited edition (have yet to listen, I suck)
-Pants (they don't fit me because they are a slim style and my bulge is disturbingly visible in them so i'll be returning them)
-Buncha books I don't really feel like listing em all but my reading backlog just got bigger
-Some board games (also no list) because I'm very into them and quite a few were lost to Sandy
-Card sleeves ...for magic

I was pleasantly surprised because my family was honestly a lot more generous than I ever expected them to be.
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