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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
Yeah, I was there in 2009, I think, whatever year Manson was on it, it was the final show of the tour. They had a big sign in his dressing room about the swearing, and he just went out there and swore his ass off. They had the same rules this year, and I think Betraying the Martyrs were the first band to break it, then Asking Alexandria did it a bunch of times. I had a profanity tally going on the dry erase board in the Metal Blade tent. I didn't watch any of Slipknot or Slayer this year, I don't think, that was a super hot day and I just went and sat on the bus and watched movies until we left. I wish there was some sort of outdoor amphitheater setup in Norman instead of OKC, just so I could go wander around my old college campus again and act cool because I knew where everything was.
Yea. Rob Zombie in '10 was the biggest offender for the swearing. That is just the most stale environment to have a show if you have to watch your language. I wish they'd do something closer to Tulsa (I'm getting greedy bc its a shorter drive).
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