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38.Big K.R.I.T-4eva N A Day
The first of Big K.R.I.T's two releases this year. I preferred this mixtape over his studio album Live from the Underground because the isn't any awful guest artists (which plagued most of his full-length and took away from K.R.I.T's verses) and the production is a bit better. K.R.I.T is a workhorse who not only raps, but does all the production himself. His southern meets jazz style really appeals to me and there are a lot of great hooks on here as well. I also liked the simple concept which essentially runs through a day in his life and the whole tape is very cohesive. 4eva N A Day is a solid collection of laid-back, southern hip-hop.

Standout Tracks
1.Boobie Miles
2.4eva N A Day Theme
3/14 Dropkick Murphys
4/10 At the Gates/Converge
5/17 MastoClutch
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