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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
The KC Mayhem show was fairly weak last year, I think, just based on me looking at the crowd all day. I would be surprised if the tour hits OKC this year, the organizers were very dissatisfied with the venue. The St. Louis show did pretty well last year, as did Atlanta (reacting to previous posts in the thread). I'd say Atlanta was actually one of our better shows, I was crazy busy all day, those people came to buy some stuff. Cincinnati was a really weird venue because of the way it's laid out, the second stage was actually in a smaller adjacent structure, not just out in a parking lot, which made it tricky logistically to centralize things. Also that was probably the worst weather day of the tour, lots of vendor tents got destroyed and there was the potential for people to get hurt, which may have soured them on that venue.
I know Oklahoma is getting a date cuz it has sold out every year its shown up but that venue closed so I have no idea where its going to be but the promoter that gets it told me he's booking it again this year but he didnt tell me where
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