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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
EDIT : Kerry is full of shit in at least 1 aspect. He hasn't played all the leads in ANY record. It's fairly obvious the differences in the soloing styles of both. It's very clear when Jeff is playing, very clear when kerry is playing.
Oops my bad bro. I forgot to mention that Kerry also said that the only parts jeff DID record for the last 4-5 slayer albums were ONLY the solos ahahhaha. Anyways, here is the interview. Enjoy my friend. The whole thing is a great read. It just kinda comes off as Kerry shitting on Jeff. And sadly it sounds like jeff has nothing to do with the new slayer album. Pretty entertaining read.

Kerry: "Jeff hasn't done any recording in years — other than solos. I've played all the rhythm guitars since… man, the '90s. A lot of the bass, too. It's just that I play quick and I get to the track quick and I don't fuck around and take all day. So at the end of the day it becomes an efficiency issue and I'm very efficient."

That explains why the new album is pretty much done and set to come out early next year with ZERO involvement from Hanneman thank you..

I need to head out to work now, but i shall be back to finish this list.
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