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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Same with my dad, he's been a fan for like 50 years. He still watches it today. He's the reason my older brother and I became life long fans. In fact it's rare that when we get together if the conversation doesn't drift into what's going on in wrestling at that time.

Since the show you're going to tonight might be the Smackdown taping for the week, maybe you'll see something cool like Ziggler cashing in his MITB. He's gotta do it at some point right? And the WWE can sure use a shake up in the world title scene.
Yeah my dad has been watching wrestling for like 40 years too. He actually has a bar in his place that is wrestling themed with tons of signed stuff including a ECW Championship Belt he bought then him and I went around and had a lot of the original ECW Champs sign it.

But I don't know if tonight will be the taping since it is billed as a house show and if I remember they said the biggest names would be like Orton and Shamus.
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