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Originally Posted by Thrasher-NY View Post
I saw Dark Angel a few times on the east coast back in the day, great band, great guys. Quick Story,,,,Gene was always a big supporter of my band Prime Evil in the early days. One day my bass player Mary says she is bringing a surprise guest to practice. An hour later Gene Hoglan walks through the that time we recognized his godliness right up there with Lombardo.....this was 1986 or 87? Anyway he watched practice, then jumped behind the kit and we playerd a bunch of Slayer covers from the first 2 albums, it was fucking insane...the guy at times was playing sick double bass with one foot! Gave our drummer a clinic he will never forget..... Gene was and is the coolest ever.
Originally Posted by kngdymond View Post

I went o this show with my buddy Joey

all i remember about it that it was louder than hell and when we left a bunch of church people were outside trying to speak with us and save our souls we went to the rainbow for a pizza and beer after the show with Joeys dad and explained how dark angel were not devil worshipers ha ha fun night but where the hell did the time go

dark angel did play a few months later and the singer don was on some serious drugs and jumped into the pit and got his ass beat got back on stage with a black eye and was replaced a few songs later by a roadie who sang more the show in king diamond style what a night that was i believe possessed played that night at fenders in long beach maybe april 1987
Thanks for sharing those stories. They were truly a great read. I wish more old school folks came on here and shared their stories from concerts of the past. One that always stands out to me was Jhedity's review of seeing Metallica during their Ride The lighting Tour.
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