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Congrats on your quitting of the cigs. One of these days I will quit using the smokeless.

It's very cool that you were able to see Jeff's last show before his accident, and possible his last EVER. I always take Kerry's comments with a grain of salt, but I didn't realize he'd been knocking Jeff like that. It's a real shame to do that to someone who you've been like a brother 2 for nearly 30 years. Tom seems to think Jeff will eventually return as I believe he's the one who always says "Jeff will be back when he's ready". Wow, can't believe Kerry said all that crap. Thanks for looking up that link, I look forward to reading it.

I do agree, however, w/ what you said about Kerry. He is really making it seem that Jeff won't be back. Ugh, I shudder for future Slayer albums (probably only 1 more) should Jeff not return. Kerry has written some decent songs, but nearly all of Slayer's classics, as well as the best songs from the 2000's have been written by Jeff + Tom.

EDIT : Kerry is full of shit in at least 1 aspect. He hasn't played all the leads in ANY record. It's fairly obvious the differences in the soloing styles of both. It's very clear when Jeff is playing, very clear when kerry is playing.

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