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Classic movie?:

Ok, so the last class I took was a class on the films of Golden Age director Billy Wilder. I was treated to see most of the classics (The Apartment, Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard etc.), and for the most part I liked a lot of his work (though I will say that his cynical dramas hold up way better than his comedies do. Some Like It Hot? Wouldn't even put it in the top 10. But my favorite of his films (that I watched) is a rather unusual one:

Wouldn't be surprised if even Brad hasn't seen this movie. The funny thing is, the movie was marketed on the last 15 minutes of twists or so (which was actually "spoiled" for me in class since that wasn't one of the required screenings. I had to watch the whole thing for an essay on my own), but to me I could watch this just for Charles Laughton being a crotchety old dick! Take the most rugged, whiskey drinking, does not give one iota of a fuck for his well being cop you can find and make him a strangely by-the-book yet passionately involved defense lawyer in Britain (complete with a damn wig) and you get Sir William Robart, who is as entertaining as they come for 50's british film. Laughton spends all time outside of a murder case trying to prove his terrified client innocent telling any and all nurses, advisors and general passerbys to go piss up a rope and fuckin A is it awesome. But of course, any real film snob will tell you that this movie goes in the books for an awesome performance by golden age actress Marlene Dietrich. Kinda sad, this play adaptation was supposed to be a launching pad for Tyrone Power and his two co-stars steal the show right out from under him. If you love yourself some courtroom films, well, you've probably seen this already. If you haven't yet, move it to the top of your list pronto!

Silver Medal: Double Indemnity (want to know where 'film noir' came from? it came from here)
Bronze Medal: Ace In The Hole
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