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Slipknot : Mayhem Fest Saratoga Springs - July 31

Had been over 3 years since I'd seen Slipknot, so I was overdue. They certainly did not disappoint. I do think their setlist needs to be changed up a bit, it's been essentially the same songs since 2005, just switching the order around. Their stage prescence and energy was great as usual. Impressive considering these guys are nearing or in their 40's. The atmosphere for the performance was pleasently suprising. I hate SPAC (the venue), and Upstate NY crowds usually suck, but the crowd was into the show big time. The highlights IMO were Vermillion (one of my favorite SK songs, and one of their best live tunes) and People = Shit. Drank a bunch of Three Olives Loopy beforehand and during, as we snuck a few flasks in. That stuff is dangerous. However the night ended on a negative note, as I had one of the worst strip club experiences of my life. The clubs in Albany suck, but their was one that had decent reviews, so we checked it out. I think it was called Night Moves. There were only like 4 girls working, none were good looking, there was an $11 cover, and you had to BUY 2 drinks. Ugh, bad news!

People = Shit

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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