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40.Aesop Rock-Skelethon
Aesop Rock has been one of the driving forces of abstract hip-hop for some time now. His newest releases, Skelethon , proves that's not going to change anytime soon. His flow is great and the subtle production creates a really interesting vibe throughout the album. "Gopher Guts" also has to be one of the best songs of the year. All three verses are absolutely flawless and the lyrics are just outstanding. That being said, This album is just too abstract at times. A majority of the lyrics went above my head (Aesop Rock is way above my wavelength in terms of intelligence), which took away from my enjoyment of the record at times. The production and Aesop Rock's flow alone are enough for me to overlook the heavily encrypted lyrics that I didn't always understand. A must-listen for fans of abstract hip-hop.

Standout Tracks
1.Gopher Guts
2.ZZZ Top
3.Saturn Missiles
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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