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Thanks for the feedback - both facetious and serious.

I think what I ought to do is post all my other mini-lists (because it's easy - no reviews , just a list for those), and then do a list for numbers fifty through twenty-six, and then do short blurbs for the top twenty-five. That'll get me into the good stuff sooner, so it's hopefully still relevant at the time I'm discussing it. Then I can go back and do blurbs for the other ones if I get time / if there's still interest.

It was just ridiculous that the best albums on my list for last year never got any love in my thread until almost a year after the fact. That really pissed me off.
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
10/16 Kylesa / Inter Arma / Indian Handcrafts / Irata
10/28 Acid King
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