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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
So...any news on the tour yet?
From Di'Anno's facebook


My personal & sincere apologies go out to all of my fans and friends (and my band LoNero) and indeed All individual show promoters and everyone involved in this supposed USA Dec 2012-Jan 2013 tour cancelation as I am deeply saddened at the total mismanagement of this whole thing. As I’m sure you can imagine -I cannot actually play the tour without first having a USA work visa?
I would also like to point out that I have not had any news whatsoever in the past couple of weeks (despite my constant requests) on the USA work visa that I have been waiting & waiting on. Plus I was not provided with an air ticket and indeed I have not received any deposits either – just for the record.
In brief, the only news I have ever had of this tour, were the dates of the shows themselves. I am very sorry indeed for any fans that have not managed to get the cancelation tour information at an earlier time, than this last minute blog. This is and has been ALL totally out of my control and as you can imagine I am more than pissed off at this whole situation.

No doubt (as usual) some (so called) rock journalists (& their websites and blogs) will slag me off without even having any clues whatsoever? ?? as to the reasons behind this cancelation, but I guess that is what some of em are best at.

The main culprit behind this mess is the Arsebag-guy (he'll remain nameless just for now) who was supposed to get the visa...This Total Tosser did "F**k all" and did not even tell us that he had done nothing whilst he just pissed off for Christmas and left this nightmare behind him.....he was NOT arranged by me but he WAS arranged by someone in the USA who should know better? and so i left it up to these capable people? I was supposed to be onstage tonight and thereafter with my band LoNero - and through trusting these people -- it's me (as usual) who bares the brunt of all this.

The tour is supposed to now be re-sheduled to next June 2013 - However this time, if these F**kers do not bother getting my US visa finalised during this coming January - then (AS I HAVE POINTED OUT TO THEM) there won't be no tour. So watch this space and lets see if some people get their act together whilst I await the statutory slagging. Have a Nice Christmas people !
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