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18. Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead

Tragedy has become one of my favorite bands in the past year or so, and it's not too hard for me to understand why. They play melodic crust punk that is just so good, the atmosphere they create in their songs is incredible. This album is somewhat different than their others. It is much slower, darker, and heavier. The songs are pretty much borderline punk, sounding more metal than anything. It still sounds like Tragedy though, and this album is still amazing to me. I can't wait to see them at MDF next year!

Sample Tracks:
The Grim Infinite
Power Fades
5/21 Weekend Nachos
5/22 Hellshock
5/31 Rotten Sound
6/2 Venom inc
6/18 Deceased
6/24 Sleep
7/8 Nuke

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