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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
Hey guys, as someone completely unfamiliar with S.O.D. (aside from knowing half of Anthrax was in it), can anyone explain Billy Milano to me? He seems to be a bit of a controversial figure, but I can't seem to get much info about why.
If I recall correctly, a good chunk of it comes from the satirical lyrics from the band (see the lyrics to Speak English or Die, Kill Yourself, and Fuck the Middle East for examples) that some people took at face value.

I could be wrong, but that's my first guess.

EDIT: If you feel like it, go ahead and check out the full album (there's some space between songs, sorry):
8/14 - Nine Inch Nails
9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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