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43.Frank Ocean-Channel Orange
This will definitely catch some people by surprise. R&B normally isn't my bag at all, but Frank Ocean has such a great voice that it's an exception. He has such a wide vocal range and sings with so much power and emotion it's staggering. Tracks like the nine-minute epic "Pyramids", the somber "Bad Religion", sprawling love song "Thinkin Bout You", and the low-key, fun "Super Rich Kids" (with a really uncharacteristic slow yet still awesome verse from Earl Sweatshirt) are all super catchy and beautiful songs. The only reason this isn't higher is because there is a lot of filler that takes away from the standout portions. Ocean is super talented and with more consistency, he could become a truly special artist.

Standout Tracks
2.Super Rich Kids (feat.Earl Sweatshirt)
3.Thinkin Bout You
11/28 ABR/ETID
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