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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Great Minds think alike. Mellow Gold is also one of my favorite albums. Beck was truly a gifted artist and ahead of his time. I'm with you on that one; I am also one of those people that love this record and listen to it for more than just "Loser" which was a great single back in the day. My favorite songs on the album are "(Snoozer)Pay No Mind" and "Whiskyclone hotel city 1997". Ahhh I have some pretty fond memories during my hey days walking around a big dark forest at three in the morning while under the influence of some powerful psychedelics while playing the tunes of "Snoozer(pay no mind) on my headphones while zoning out to the sky. Becks music was very powerful back then(and pretty trippy)..

Thanks for the list man, looking forward to reading the rest my friend

Beck released some great music up until Odelay. The Loser single is really good too. Try find the one with Corvette Bummer, Alcohol, Soul Suckin' Jerk (Reject) and Fume. There's another version that cuts out a few songs and adds a song called MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack, but aside from the title it's really not a very good song.
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