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10. Ocean Machine – Biomech (1997)

After all these years and so many albums this is still my favorite of anything Devin Townsend’s done. It reminds me of a great time in my life (second year of college, 1999) and I’ll carry those memories all my life.
Favorite Song: the Death of Music

9. Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten (1991)

I’m relatively new to Suffocation (I never heard this album until early 2009) but this is what I want when I want to listen to death metal. Sheer brutality from the get go, songs that aren’t overly long or too complex and dirty, bass heavy production.
Favorite Song: Liege Of Inveracity (the album version of this song has been my ringtone for close to two years)

8. Thee Silver Mountain Reveries – Pretty Little Lightning Paw (2004)

This is a strange album that has terrible production, but that adds to the appeal. I don’t really have much more to say about why I love it, I just do. I think I got it around the same time as Sigur Ros' 'Takk...', so it helped me during that difficult time too.
Favorite Song: Pretty Little Lightning Paw

7. Type O Negative - October Rust (1996)

The build to this albums release was intense and frustrating. I remember it got delayed a few times and when it did come out it was right before summer was over. So I’d spent the whole summer counting down the days for this album inadvertently counting down to when I had to go back to school. At first I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as gritty as Bloody Kisses but over the years I keep coming back to it.
Favorite Song: Haunted

6. Blut Aus Nord – the Work Which Transforms God (2003)

I’m newer to this album and band but from the second I heard it I knew I was listening to what it was to record absolute terror. I can’t picture anything when I listen to this album other than BDSM, dark rooms, torture, agony, pain and disease. It scares the hell out of me, and I love it.
Favorite song: Our Blessed Frozen Cells

5. Today is the Day - Sadness Will Prevail (2002)

This album is best summed up by the girl on the front cover. It’s a bit long in the tooth and drags a bit during the second disk. But it has the perfect mix of aggressive songs and strange experimental stuff. The ONLY problem I really have with this album is the production is too trebly.
Favorite Song: Myriad

4. Faith No More - Angel Dust (1992)

I didn’t like this album as much when I first heard it. It was when I saw the MTV performance of Caffeine on the Who Cared A Lot? video compilation that I realize how awesome that song was, how awesome the band was and how I should go back and revisit it.
Favorite Song: Caffeine

3. Melvins – the Maggot (1999)

There’s a lot of really good Melvins music out there but this was them at their absolute heaviest. And it (along with the Bootlicker and the Crybaby) were probably the last great Melvins albums.
Favorite Song: AMAZON

2. Pig Destroyer - Natasha (2004/2008)

I know this is the worst example of PxDx’s “usual” music, but when I first heard the section from about twenty minutes in until the end I knew I was hearing some of the most beautiful music I'd heard in my life. After their first two albums I knew PxDx were capable of writing some really good, longer songs but I had no idea they could come out with something like this.

1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O. (2002)

This album is an album I will never get tired of, ever. GY!BE have been my favorite band for over ten years (that was cemented by the great album they released in 2012) and choosing a favorite album by them is hard since they don't release bad music. It comes down to the closing moments of Motherfucker=Redeemer (Part Two). That’s a climax. And that's how you leave people wanting more for over ten years.
Favorite Song: Motherfucker=Redeemer (Part Two)
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